Who Are We?

At this point, “we” is me, Paul C. Olguin! Well, that’s somewhat true. I’ve had some wonderful helpers and cheerleaders along this mostly lonely path, so far. Since the vision began to crystallize about ten years ago with an initiative called “The City That Sings,” I’ve put more and less energy into making the vision a reality. Yet, every time I have asked myself over the past decade if I still think it’s a great idea, the answer has always been, “Yes!” What feels different now is that I have become fully convinced that pursuing this endeavor will be the primary focus of my work life from here on out. I also feel like I’ve finally acquired the tools and skills (one of those being the skill of learning new skills!) to pull it off.

Additionally, there is a Facebook group which has about 3,000 members. A typical percentage of those signed up engage regularly with the group.

I have been working to develop and nurture relationships with several national singing organizations with whom I hope to form official partnerships very soon.

If you are visiting this page and reading this article, then I consider you a part of the movement, perhaps in the second or third circle from the core. Many more people will need to move closer to the center. I invite you to be one of them. Very soon, I’ll draft some definitions of what it means to participate at different levels; as an individual, a singing community, a singing organization, or a corporation.

Thanks so much for reading, and taking part in the movement!