What are People Sing! Partners?

A People Sing! Partner is an individual or organization who, to some degree, shares the vision and mission of People Sing!

Individual Partner

Any individual can become a People Sing! Individual Partner. All you have to do is to decide that you want to be a partner. You also determine at what level of engagement you wish to participate. It’s all up to you!

Community Partner

A People Sing! Community Partner is any group of more than one person who gather together to sing, regardless of their level of organization, the makeup of their community, or the kind of singing they enjoy.

Organization Partner

A People Sing! Organization Partner is any organization that shares and supports the vision and work of People Sing! It will be essential for every existing singing organization to partner with People Sing! to ensure our mutual success.  

Corporate Partner

A People Sing! Corporate Partner is a Company who supports the vision and work of People Sing!
Sports teams, store chains, music streaming services, and transit systems are just a few possible People Sing! Corporate Partners.


A People Sing! Artist Partner is performing artist, musical group, songwriter, arranger, song leader, producer or promoter who supports the vision and work of People Sing!