How are we going to do it?

Phase 1: Unite

We will unite every singer, singing community, and singing organization to create a powerful and vocal presence in our communities. We will collaborate with one another, learning and sharing as we grow. Then we will turn a great deal of our energy outward to those who profess a love for singing, yet do not gather to sing with others on a regular basis.

Phase 2: Connect

We will connect those people who love to sing, but do not sing regularly with others, with singing communities that serve their desires and needs. We will reach out to those people and ask them what kind of singing communities they would enjoy engaging with. Then we’ll either match them with an existing community or match them with other like-minded folks to create a new singing community.

Phase 3: Restore

With our numbers greatly increased, we will have the resources available to reach out to the “lost generations” of people who have never experienced singing in their lives. We’ll provide them with the tools, training, and experiences they may need to help them to find their voices so that they may also enjoy the experience of singing with others.

Phase 4: Normalize

With so many people singing and learning to sing, we’ll bring singing back into the daily lives of most Americans. Singing education will naturally return to schools at all levels. Public community singing will return to community events which would be enhanced by it’s presence. No one will ever again ask the questions, “Are you a singer? Do you sing?” because the answer will be so obvious. Of course I sing. I’m a person, and people sing!

Paul Olguin, Founder