The Movement at the Moment

By Founder, Paul C. Olguin

Well, I am the only one at the very center of the movement so far. I’ve had some great helpers along the way.
I have concluded that I will need to gain at least a certain level of proficiency with WordPress and Elementor in order to build and maintain this first basic website. I’m enjoying the learning and am grateful that there is not any traffic to speak of being directed toward the site. If you know anything about web design, you can see that I’ve learned a few things and that I have much more yet to learn.


I’ve filed articles of incorporation in the state of Oregon. Next is to assemble a board, and to apply for 501(c)(3) non-profit status, which is in process.

I continue to encourage engagement with the People Sing! Facebook page.

I’ve also been working on building relationships with a few national singing organizations and several local singing communities.